Wednesday, November 19, 2008

YFF Girl of the Moment: Brenda Jean

Meet Brenda Jean, the redhead with a retro vibin' attitude. Her style is a little bit Mad Men, a little bit pin-up vixen, and a whole lot of fab. She does the vintage thing while still managing to look current, and I love that she makes a lot of her own pieces. The best part? She has the confidence we all envy (as she should, look at those legs!)

Name: Brenda Jean
Age: 24
Size: 26
Favorite Places to Shop: Old Navy, Torrid, Great Curves, antique stores, thrift stores, flea markets, craft stores, and the bead warehouse.
Fashion Icons: I have several--Divine, Marie Antoinette, Sophia Loren, Maria Callas, and Betsey Johnson, to name a few.
Current Obsession: The sweater vest
Advice to other YFF Girls: Be daring with color. Make your own accessories. Give and accept compliments genuinely and graciously. Try new hairstyles. Embody the confidence you admire. Take pride in pulling things off. Share your technique and never settle for style out of the box!

Be sure to keep an eye out for Brenda Jean's up and coming website! And remember, if you wanna be featured as a YFF Girl of the Moment, email me:


  1. cute hair. love the pink pussy bow.

  2. CONGRATS BRENDA DIVA!!! You so deserved this!! love you much!

  3. i love her on fatshionista. so cute!

  4. *Claps* I said it on her Fatshionista post the other day and I'll say it again, she is an awesome inspiration!

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