Sunday, December 14, 2008


You think finding cute plus-sized clothing is hard in America? Try looking fashionable and trendy in countries where they don't offer half of the options we have here! But it's definitely not impossible; Meet Emily, a Canadian fashionista who proves that you can look great no matter where you're from. Her bold wardrobe and distinct personal style are totally inspirational. I've never seen the color red look so good.

Emily B.
Age: 27
Location: Near Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Size: 20
Favorite Places to Shop: Canada is really limited when it comes to shopping for younger/trendier plus-sized clothes (which is why shopping in America is such a dream). I pretty much keep to Old Navy, thrifting, and buying stuff online. 
Fashion Icons: Adele, Beth Ditto, early 90's Courtney Love
Current Obsession: Plaid, Paisley, and Stevie Nicks
Advice to other YFF Girls: Fat girls are often told to avoid certain colors, patterns, and prints. Don't listen to any of that. I think the most interesting outfits come from combining all of these things--the more creative and colorful, the better!

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  1. yay i love emily! she is soo cute and always looks amazinggg.

  2. I love all of her clothes! Especially the first dress and the red necklace!!

  3. This makes me think non-v-necks are okay with boobs. Yay!

  4. I have always dug Emily's style. Plus she's just flat out awesome so there!

  5. So so pretty, I love the pops of red everywhere, and the paisley is great.

  6. my girlfriend is such hot stuff. rarr.

  7. I always wondered what she looks like! And guessed that she looked exactly like this. I'm not crazy about navy on myself, but the navy/red going on is so gorgeous.

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