Thursday, April 30, 2009

Purple Rain

Today's grey skies and non-stop rain made me a little sad (the weather affects my mood more than I'd like to admit), so I wanted to brighten things up with a fun outfit. Two of my favorite color combinations are purple & teal and black & mustard, so I decided to combine all four and I'm pretty happy with the result. Most of my outfit (top/skirt/bracelet/necklace) is from forever21; the pleated black skirt is actually a stretchy tube dress that I wear at my waist. The great purple cardigan is from Jen's Fashion Plus, and the grey and mustard pumps are Kenneth Cole--I always wear patent leather shoes on rainy days, they're perfect for sloshing through the puddles without having to worry about water damage.


  1. i feel you grrl: rainy days make me oh so sad. but what a breath of sunshine and rainbow your outfit is! AMAZING JOB!!!

  2. Such a bright and cheery outfit! I love your hair, too.

  3. I really love this look on you! the colors are wonderful. it has been so gray and icky in chicago as well, but I cheer up so much when I wear bright things like my pink trench coat.

  4. You look great! That top, will be mine.

  5. i just found your blog. i love it!!

  6. Don't be scared with this blast-from-the-past comment posting. Going through your whole blog (cause, y'know, that's what people do on their Spring Break...smh), and came across this outfit. Gotta say, one of my favorites! The color scheme..those SHOES!!!...everything worked.

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  10. This is gonna seem stalker-ish but I've been all over your blog looking for pics of you with curly hair. I'm transitioning my hair from relaxed to natural and I'm starting to feel afraid of my fat face again curls. I've done a roller set with small rollers to get an idea, but I still don't know. But seeing these particular photos is making me feel a bit more confident. You look great in your curls, as always but, I'm so used to seeing my own face with bone-straight hair (we're about the same build, except I'm 5'7"). So um, I guess...thanks for keeping these old posts posted :)

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