Monday, May 4, 2009

Told Ya So

I was not lying when I said: 
1) I still love wearing all black even though it's spring, and 
2)I'm obsessed with all things mesh and/or sheer

Some of you may find this outfit a tad on the boring side, and understandably so. I definitely could have accessorized a little more, but I was running late and such is life. Mostly I am posting just to show off my phenomenal new BCBG shoes--seriously, they kill my feet and I don't even care. Patent leather? Wedge? Elastic? Yes please. 

This ensemble came together randomly, as most of mine do: The "dress" is a skirt from H&M that is way too long for my taste, beneath it I am wearing an old mesh top that I found in my closet (I know, amazing, I didn't even have to go to the thrift store). I got it from Express when I was thirteen (no, I don't know why I keep clothing for ten years--apparently for situations like this) and I'm wearing it backwards because the front is embroidered with ugly pink roses, something that only the year 1999 could've produced. The sheer leggings are from CVS (I love that drugstores sell hosiery), and the hand jewelry is actually the strap of a purse that I got from the same place I got my blazer: the ever-amazing Salvation Army.

I still don't know if this outfit is really blog-worthy, but I hope you guys at least like the shoes, because you will be seeing a lot more of them. 


  1. um, i forgets how scary we are--same.effing.person. just scooped up three chains on friday from a closet giveaway. thought hmmk: headband, body jewelry, interchangeable purse strap.

  2. I love your "all black" look of the day! you're so pretty!!!
    Am discovering your blog and loving each part of it!
    xoxo from France!

  3. i practically wore all black everyday last week.

    i am loving those wedges! i think peep-toe and elastic gives a lot more edge.

  4. Gabi, all black is always blogworthy. It's an art. A delicate arrangement of texture, drape, silhouette, all in lieu of color. The focal point is that there is no focal point. BASICALLY ITS SARTORIAL EXISTENTIALISM.

    Nice job, btw. The mesh is the perf touch.

  5. gabi I love that the mesh top is ten years old... I keep clothes from middle school and high school just in case all of the time. I have these abercrombie jeans (now you KNOW those are old. I can't believe they used to carry a 14) and they are this light wash and have a big hole in the knee from when I fell down playing football, haha. but I'm so happy I kept them because they are this perfectly frayed pair of jeans and very summery and now they fit again.
    keeping these random things definitely feels worth it when a fabulous outfit comes out of them years later.

  6. Love the sheer leggings and shoes. So cute.

  7. Great look. Very stylish :)

  8. This outfit is absolutely killer! so happy to have discovered your blog!

  9. Hi, I just found your blog today and I am so stoked to see girls the same size as me with such a great sense of fashion. This outfit is totally cute!

  10. I ALSO have a black mesh top that I saved from the '90s that has an enormous embroidered daisy on the front. I haven't worn it since I was 14, probably -- you've given me a new idea for it though!

    And the shoes are killer!

    <3 Allyson

  11. I like the outfit... I tend to keep on buying all black too. It is just my favorite color.. Oh yes and those shoes are NICE...

  12. you look wonderful! you pull this off super well.

  13. YOU ARE PERFECT ! I always think i must add some colors to my outfits because an all black style will make people think that i am ashamed of myself but this is a very good exemple of HOW to wear a black outfit ! GORGEOUS ! Thank you ! You are an new inspiration and i would be so glad if you added me as u suggested !!!! I'm adding you too !
    Looking forward to reading you again !
    Sakina aka Saks In The CIty !

  14. I'm loving those shoes!!! ...

    I'm a fellow all black apparel admirer ... lol ... I've only been sneaking it in here and there since seasons have changed.

  15. I totally remember those embroidered mesh shirts from Express. I think I have a coordinating on in the back of my closet :)

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