Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nikki Blonsky and Others at FFFWeek

Thursday kicked off Full-Figured Fashion Week, and yesterday I had the pleasure of attending The State of the Curvy Community discussion. Honestly, it was even better than expected; the speakers were inspirational, the crowd was lively, and I met some pretty amazing people. 

The consensus among the panelists seemed to be that plus size designers and retailers need to listen to their customers and truly show they care about our desires and complaints. Celebrity stylist Susan Moses said it best: "I think the biggest problem today is a lot of ignorance... and a lot of companies just wanting to take our dollars, but not speak to us, not show us any love." 

Unfortunately, I didn't get to record the entire thing, but here's what Nikki Blonsky had to say about her experience as a fat girl:
She was super sweet! Hairspray is one of my favorite movies, so this was especially exciting for me.

Susan was also wonderful and helpful, I should be meeting with her soon for some tips.

For the first time ever, I had people recognize me from YFF! They asked to take a picture with me, it was a humbling moment:

After the discussion, I headed to the press party at Taj Lounge, where I mingled with more beautiful women. Model Mia Amber looked amazing in her Igigi maxi dress:

I also hung out with the model from SWAK Designs

And I had to get a picture of this cutie in her H&M outfit (by the way, that's where my top is from too):

All in all, I'm having a blast. I can't wait for the runway show tonight (even though I have no idea what I'm wearing...)


  1. Thanks so much posting what Nikki Blonsky had to say- so inspiring. The FFF events look so great- wish I could be there. Have fun!

  2. That looks like so much fun!

  3. Finding your blog has truly began a change in me. A few weeks ago I was looking at a pic of myself thinking how awful I looked. I had no clue there were so many stores finally selling cute plus size clothes and not just that but that there were so many plus sized celebrities and models and fashion icons. I feel like I can really be fat and fabulous. I am inspired and I am starting to feel comfortable in my own body again. I have never been skinny but there was a time when I loved how I looked, I was a size 13/14 and now I am a size 20 and I can still look good. Thank you for your positive attitude and letting girls like me see that in the real world there are other big girls doing things for all of us to change how the world sees us and ultimately how we see ourselves!

  4. gabi- you look so incredibly beautiful. your face literally RADIATES. and i KNOW you are beautiful! and i am so happy that you were able to meet those girls because this reinforces that what you blog about and what you do is iMPORTANT! also, HOW CUTE is nikki? omg! my mom and i both loved her in hairspray and so im gonna show my mom the video you posted. i love what she has to say, she seems wonderful.

    wish you could be here


    PS omg how awesome that people recognized you!

  5. You go girl! I was feeling kind of low yesterday and today because of my 30lbs weight gain from accidents, medication, etc. It makes me feel better knowing that you are out there celebrating us and you all look so BEAUTIFUL!!

    So tonight I'm going to put on a pretty dress and have a blast at a reunion.

  6. 1. I am dying on jealousy. I live in Sydney, Australia - this shit ain't fair.

    2. YOU LOOK AMAZING. Your hair, your outfit, your glowing skin - just beautiful.

  7. corpulent- I'm with you, I'm green, green green!!!!
    But Gabi, you look great and thanks so much for reporting back and sharing all those great pics with us!

  8. all the ladies in the pics look absolutely gorgeous

  9. Wow, I'm blown away again by how beautiful everyone on this page looks. Gabi, I'm not sure if you realise just _how_ important your website is but us "plus-sized" gals are fully-loving you and your message.

    BTW, if it's not too cheeky to ask you a favour, could you throw together an outfit that you would wear to an outdoor music festival so I could get some ideas for an upcoming event. I love your style and I would love some Gaby-inspiration.


  10. i need that h&m skirt. like right now.

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