Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sittin' Pretty on the Sidelines

The runway last night was fantastic! Some lines were amazing (others were...not), but it was the audience members that wowed me the most. There were three girls in particular that I couldn't take my eyes off of; their steez was incredible. As for me, well, let's just say I was disappointed with how I looked. Long story short, I was in a huge rush and ended up throwing on the dress I wore for my friend's party in Boston. Others assured me I looked great, but I was sad I couldn't bring my best at such an amazing event.

As soon as I saw Ose, I squealed. The girl gets it. She's so stylish, I found it no surprise when she told me she works at TopShop (that's where the majority of her outfit is from). When I asked her whether fat women could fit into things there, she said "you'd be surprised. I make things work!" That's when I knew she was my kind of girl. And those fab bow earrings? Yeah, she made 'em. 

When Huny walked into the room, everyone literally stopped and stared. Her outfit was impeccably executed, giving her that edgy-chic look that others (including myself) try so hard to emulate. Her top is from Macy's, her belt is from Ashley Stewart, and she found that amazing crinoline skirt (that I must buy) on ebay. I love nothing more than a girl who knows how to mix fun pieces and create something totally inspiring. 

My favorite outfit of the night belonged to Meilee. Her vintage cropped sequins jacket (with bow details on the sleeves!) made my mouth water. The high-waisted pedal pushers are from the Goodwill and the ruffle top is from Ross! Now that's innovation---if you told me someone was wearing khakis from the Goodwill and a top from Ross, I'd never imagine it would look this good: 

Don't fret, the official runway photos are coming soon...


  1. i'm so happy huny tweeted about this post or i would've never found this fabulous site!

    i'm currently "YFF" after having my 3rd child and been feeling down in the dumps about just wearing my fave outfit: pair of torrid jeans, black tank top, black cardigan and chucks. yes it screams janet in poetic justice but i'm the happiest i've ever been and can't translate that in my clothing.

    so kudos on reaching out to me :)

  2. Its Meilee... Thanks for the blog on myyy fabulocity outfit! As a Full Figure Model I feel its important to showcase great style and inspire!
    I really love new york! Fashion is great! I will move here oneday! Thanks Gabi!

  3. Hey Gabi,

    How are you?

    That's my first time in your blog and i became already your follower.

    Have a wonderful week :)

  4. Ooh, everyone looks great, but I LOVE Huny's outfit! Perfect!

  5. That dress you wore is one of my favourite YFF outfits of all time, so I know you looked fab.

    love Frances

  6. thanks again, gabi! I am elated my outfit was a hit and flattered to make your list. :)

  7. Ose's nails go perfectly with her outfit! never underestimate the power of great polish.

    meilee's outfit is just amazing -- so high-fashion. can you ask her to tell us about the shoes, too?

    as always, love your blog.

    (marjorie -- regular reader, infrequent commenter)

  8. I'm sorry, but that "amazing crinoline skirt" is not high fashion OR fashion at all. It's a cheap sex shop costume petticoat, leg avenue brand. They cost $10. She could have at least bought a nice torrid petticoat or even one of the extremely stretchy hot topic ones. This one looks like a cheap strip of tulle sewn to a piece of elastic with lace trim.

  9. hello everyone.. so late... But the shoes are from nine west!!!!! so comfy.... I will keep getin the cleaned and repaired to keep them forever... lol

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