Thursday, June 18, 2009

The State of the Curvy Community

Since my appearance on GMA, I have gotten some pretty negative emails and comments regarding my blog (don't worry--I've received a lot more good messages than bad). People tell me I am promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, that I am encouraging destructive behavior, and my favorite: that I am "eating myself to an early grave with a smile on my face."  

In general, I try to keep fat politics out of YFF, because I want this blog to focus solely on fashion (not to mention I think Shapely Prose and Fatshionista are doing a superb job as it is). Let me make one thing clear: I do not promote anything on YFF besides being fashionable.  I have tons of readers who are currently on diets and attempting to lose weight. Guess what? That's fine. I don't vilify the "skinny bitch." I hope all women of all sizes love their bodies, because I love mine. I don't care whether you diet or not. I do care that fat girls realize they can look just as stylish as anyone else.  If you think that's somehow radical and offensive, then don't read this blog. It's really that simple.

I keep my personal opinions regarding size acceptance and body image out of YFF because they are just that, personal opinions. I am not here to tell anyone how to live their lives. That being said, I am glad that there are places online where a discussion around these issues is encouraged, and I am super excited to announce an upcoming event where this type of dialogue will occur in person. In conjunction with Full Figured Fashion Week, The Curvy Collective is hosting a panel entitled “The State of the Curvy Community." 

Date:  Friday, June 26th
Location:  Ripley Grier Studios, 520 8th Avenue (between 36th and 37th), 16th Floor, Room 17C, New York, NY
Time: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Sharon Quinn, “The Original Runway Diva," will be moderating the panel, which consists of some pretty cool people:

  • Deb Malkin, Owner of Re/Dress NYC
  • Cassy Jones- McBride,US Director of the Fuller Woman Network
  • Glen Johnson, Owner of Full Figure Plus and a Member of The Curvy Collective
  • K. L. Belvin, Author of "Man In Transition"  
  • Mia Amber, Model, Actress, Creative Editor of Plus Model Magazine
  • Maddy Figueroa-Jones, Editor in Chief of Plus Model Magazine
  • Susan Moses, Celebrity Stylist

  • Because I am a bad blogger, I didn't put this up earlier and now the event is full! I hope some of you saw the information on other blogs and were able to RSVP in time to secure a spot!

    After all the serious stuff is over, join us for the fun part: shopping! Head back down to Ripley Grier Studios on Saturday, June 27th, for "Curves in the City Shopping Soiree" from 11am-3pm. If you want to come, you gotta purchase your tickets online ASAP! It's $15 to get in, but it's worth it; you'll get discounted prices from FFFWeek designers and vendors. Lastly, come party with us! Check the official website for more info on the social events that are offered throughout the week.

    Hope to see you guys there!


    1. haters should go <<----- that way! be sure to take lots and lots of photos so i can attend these events vicaripously through you!

    2. It's come to my attention that some people are having trouble posting comments! I am so not technologically savvy, so I have no idea how to fix this. A reader just emailed me to say this:

      For some reason I can't post this!! I keep getting "Your request could not be processed."

      But here's what I wanted to say: I'm so sorry people are being douchey to you. I've been reading your blog for a while and I think you're utterly adorable and super-chic. As an OLD PERSON of 42, lemme say this: People tend to project their mishegas onto others -- when someone goes off on a stranger, most often it ain't about you at all. You REPRESENT something in their tiny, venomous heads. Their own projections, their own sense of outsiderness, their own bullying, etc. Brush 'em off. As it seems you are already doing. Go you.


    3. i'm a new reader BECAUSE of the GMA piece!
      i've been watching that for many years now and know how to read passed their rushed agenda. when i saw you, honestly i saw me!
      i'm 215, and never considered myself ugly, or not hawt.
      sure, i know i'm fat, i have to live with my body everyday! big deal!
      when i quite obsessing about my scale number (i quit weighing altogether. sept at the dr.) my waste actually got smaller!
      i usually get clothes altered, and or hunt all over the internet to create my own look, besides the terrible "box" shape that is out there for size 14 up! i love fashion! actually got a degree in it!
      i can go on and on, but i wanted you to know that the piece got through. i am so hooked on YFF!!

      thank you
      thank you
      THANK YOU!!

    4. I read about your blog yesterday via Bust.Com and I am an instant fan. You are gorgeous and I am so inspired.

      A lot of people don't understand that fat people are not pigs. You have someone with a wicked-fast metabolism who can eat whatever they want and stay in a size 4, so when they see a fat person, they just assume all we do is sit and eat. I'm sitting at around 220 these days, and although I'd like to be a bit thinner, I work out five days each week and have a healthy, balanced diet. This is just where by body is designed to be. In the words of Margaret Cho: "For me, to be 10 pounds lighter is a full time job".

      People always dis what they don't understand. It has nothing to do with fat, and everything to do with power.

      What you're doing here is great- I have girlfriends who are fat who won't come out at night because they don't feel like they're good enough. Girls like you who rock their size are exactly what the world needs- not just the fat girls, but all girls who feel like their bodies are holding them back.

      Keep up the great work. You know you're hot ;)

    5. HERE, HERE!!!

      I love this blog and I love that you're pro-everyBODY- the way it should be.

    6. My dear Curvy Collective partner...
      This was an amazing post, in repsonse to the haters, the insecure, and those who are just plain ol confused.

      It is up to us bloggers, leaders, basically, those who are Curvy.Confident.Chic. fashionistas to keep the "I'm Fabulous and Fat- so what!"

      Keep it up love and I am so honored you agreed to be a part of this movement! Rock on! I cannot wait to see you next week!

      The Curvy Fashionista

    7. They are shocked at your pride. What many of these people have a hard time dealing with is that we, overweight women, love ourselves. Not all of us are sitting around stuffing our faces being miserable a la "I want to save your life." We are out living, loving, and laughing with the rest of the world.

      And for many people, this audacious. We dont have the right to be happy because we are visibly not conforming to their standards of beauty. But with confidence we can strut off, waving our middle fingers in their faces as other men and women swoon.

    8. Okay, I do not like my body and am currently trying to lose weight before I go to college but I find your blog and others like yours, to be inspiring for me. Because you love your body and it inspires me to work toward that. I thought that by being fat I couldn't look pretty for the longest time and I'm figuring out how untrue that is. I'm not saying I don't want to change because I do and I'm trying but no one should hate his/herself for how they are. Ever. Anyway, it doesn't matter what people that don't understand think.

    9. Hiya, Gabi!

      Got an email yesterday telling me I missed the RSVP deadline to attend the panel discussion, and I think the friends I was going with did, too. Sad to be missing it. Might I recommend someone YouTube it, since so many missed out? Could educate a wider audience that way.

      Fingers crossed...

    10. Haters will always hate. You have a loyal readership and lots of new recruits since your GMA piece and they're the ones that matter. Blank all the negative commenters- you're doing a grand job!

    11. Gabi, I have nothing to add except that this was a great post, this is a great blog, you are awesome and gorgeous and a total inspiration to me. Rock on, girl.

    12. P.S. Christina = fresh_mermaid if you care, couldn't post with my LJ account for some reason

    13. *claps hands* I have been a loyal reader of your blog for at least 8 months and I'm a "skinny bitch". I love the fashion pieces, I love the feature of fashionable fat girls, and I love YOU!! Do not listen to the naysayers. Tell them to kick rocks with no socks on.

    14. your blog inspires EVERYONE not just fat girls, im a chubster myself and your suggestions/inspirational words are helping me embrace my size rather than kill myself by trying all sorts of yo yo diets. im so happy you decided to do this blog, its not about being fat its all about being fat and FASHIONABLE

    15. Girl...go ahead and continue to do YOU. Ignore the haters, delete their comments and keep pushing on....forget what you heard....somewhere out there ...You & and your blog is saving someone's (who HATES who they are) life. Know that.

      You gotta LOVE YOU no matter WHAT the package you come in. If you don't learn to love what you see (it doesn't matter that you don't like it) you will NEVER be able to get on the path to change what you don't like.

      Keep up the positivity.

    16. Honey Baby Sweetie Pie--

      One of the first comments I got to this post was "Just because you're proud of who you are and what your weight is doesn't mean you shouldn't eat healthy foods and exercise more." As if I said anything about how much I exercise or what I eat. Not to mention, "I disagree completely, you are overweight and you look over weight. IT'S NOT HEALTHY! you will die sooner than me. Thats the bottom line. It doesn't matter how good you feel or look, the extra fat will clog your arteries and kill you."

      Yeah. Okay. Some folks just don't let reading comprehension get in the way of their agendas (or fears). I <3 you. Keep on doing you, Love.

    17. Hey, girl! I just found you because of Bust Mag and I think you're awesome and absolutely goregous. Smooches!

    18. I've written a few blog posts for Bust (BTW I'm like giddy that two people have said they're here because of my post...squee!) about weight related stuff and it seems they ALWAYS get at least a few comments reminding us that we're all going to die.

      Even when I said nothing about weight per se, but blogged about International No-Diet Day. One of my fellow interns commented about how perfect it was because we'd had a cookie-filled goodbye party for someone that day and someone else replied with "haven't you people ever heard of heart disease?" It's quite a leap from having some treats at a party without guilt to gorging myself to the point of angioplasty, but this person made it in one fell swoop.

    19. Gabi..

      just found your blog through Bust magazine and love it! As another OLD BROAD (will be 42 this year), and as someone who is pretty average sized (10-12), I like seeing your fashion stylings .. and I like seeing it on women who aren't a freaking size zero!!

      I think we all strive to live a good life, and we should all get the chance to look stylish doing it, no matter where we are in that journey.

    20. Gabi, you're amazing and beautiful, so ignore the ignorant folk!
      Keep workin' it like you always do.

    21. I've been reading your blog for a while, and I'm not fat. I like how you're all about looking good with any kind of body, because what woman couldn't find imperfections with herself if she looked? Unfortunately some people feel the need to make mean comments, especially about body image. Just delete them and move on!

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