Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Days

For me, summer is all about finding the perfect balance between fashion and function. It's usually so hot, I could care less about what I have on as long as I'm not dying of heat exhaustion. But the truth is, we shouldn't have to sacrifice style for comfort. 

My default summer outfit (like 99% of the female population) is a lightweight dress that is well-accessorized. You literally can't go wrong with this combo, and it's super comfy to boot. I know maxi dresses are all the rage, but I'm pretty sure it will take Rachel Zoe herself to get me out of anything mini. (Ok, so maybe I bought my first maxi dress the other day, but still, ain't nothin like showin' a little leg). 

It may not be the most fashion-forward outfit, but a simple cotton dress like this one from Old Navy can be paired with some bangles, big earrings, and gladiator sandals for a look that's summer chic.

If you wanna step it up a bit, look for more detail in the dresses you buy.  This floral contrast dress from Evans has a sweetheart neckline and pleats that add interest.

This is the perfect example of that whole fashion/function thing. It's so easy to just throw on and instantly look stylish while still keeping cool. Plus, it can totally transition from day (big bag & flats) to night (clutch & heels). It's definitely on my "to buy" list. (It may be worth mentioning, however, that most things on that list are never purchased due to a severe lack of funds). 


  1. I wore the black Old Navy dress this weekend with a thin braided leather black belt, a big chunky multicolored necklace (greens, turquoise, orange, red, black, brown, etc.) and a pair of Michael Kors orange patent leather flats. I got SO many compliments on the outfit and I felt FAB.

    Love your blog, keep up the great work! :-)

  2. Cute dresses. I saw the evans one the other day. I might have to go to my nearest old navy today.

  3. I love that second dress!
    it's funny because I just saw one of the designers do a dress similar to it on The Fashion Show (awful bravo replacement of Project Runway, but I can't help but love Isaac Mizrahi)... the show was all about women wanting to downplay their flaws and enhance their assets.

    my newest summer obsession, or just plain obsession, is polka dot dresses. I've always loved them, but now my collection is getting out of control.
    p.s. I'll be going through my closet soon and getting ready to send some!

  4. You should so post your "to buy" list.

  5. I agree with myates83; I'd love to see it! Kaboodle might be a good format, simpler than posting a bunch of links and photos yourself?

  6. we are clearly Evans twins cause that dress needs to be in my possession like right now!

  7. that evans dress haunts my freaking dreams. it's time to pay car insurance but i'm seriously in that mode where i'm like "fuck it, i'd rather be cute". i just worry about how it would look over my giant boobs because i'm not sending it back...oh evans.

  8. Christina- Evans TRIPLETS because I am on the hunt for that dress myself! Gabbi, I LOVE your evening look idea for that dress and am now on the lookout for a yellow bag and some strappy heels I can actually walk in :-P

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