Friday, July 31, 2009

How To Dress Your Body Shape

I get countless emails from readers asking how to dress for their body shape. I'm no expert on this, because I'm not one to tell people "how to flatter" their bodies (trust me, if you're fat, no amount of "tricks" are going to make you look thin--I don't care how much black you're wearing or where your belt is placed). However, I do know it's something my readers have shown immense interest in, and therefore I was happy to find out about the new website Body Shape Fashion Advice launched by Fashion World (a UK plus size retailer that carries sizes 12-32). While I don't love everything Fashion World offers, there are some things I'd definitely wear, like this Rachel Zoe-inspired look:

The tips on how to dress for your body shape are provided by fashion stylist Joy Wilson (who put together the above ensemble). Since I do trust her taste, I am happy to share her advice with you guys:

Whether you're an apple, pear, hourglass, strawberry, or rectangle, the site offers comprehensive "how to dress" tips, individual videos discussing each shape, and links to the clothing that works best for you. One last rule, though: don't be afraid to break the rules. If something an expert says doesn't jive with your personal taste, it's okay not to accept the advice.


  1. i think i have more trouble figuring out what my body actually is, than dressing it.

    that site has a lot of cute dreses, a shame they dont ship to the US!

  2. @soulfrsh, i should have mentioned there is also a quiz to find your body type!

  3. I figured out my 'type' by flipping through the categories until I stumbled on the one that was truest to my own experiences with what works and what doesn't (the hourglass).

    although I laughed at the bit telling me "if you've bigger thighs stay clear of skinnies" because anyone - ANYONE - can rock skinny jeans!

  4. I'm a cross between the hourglass and the pear. My bust is 96 cm, my waist is 72 cm and each of my thighs is about 70 cm around.

    I think one should figure out what their charm point is. My waist is my charm point but for many pear shapes, it is is not. I use many cinched waist garments but I stay far far away from anything fitted and I can't even find skinny jeans that remotely fit. (or jeans of any variety). In fact I don't even own any pants.

  5. I love this, thanks so much!

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