Saturday, July 11, 2009

Teslyn Butler

Teslyn Butler is a gorgeous up and coming plus size model from Arkansas whose print and runway work has gained national recognition. This southern belle's impeccable style is flirty, feminine and totally reminiscent of a vintage vixen. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Full Figured Fashion Week, and she's not only beautiful, but also super sweet. Be on the lookout for Teslyn, I'm sure you'll be seeing much more of her.

Name: Teslyn Butler
Age: 24
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Size: 16
Favorite Places to Shop: Torrid, Ashley Stewart, Monif C, Speigel, H & M and many more
Current Obsession: Lip Gloss, I have been buying all kinds lately!
Advice to other YFF Girls: Follow your dreams no matter what. When people tell you that you can't do something, it should do nothing but motivate and encourage you to follow your dreams even more. Don't ever allow anyone to tell you that you are not good enough because of your size and remember that you have to be confident in yourself before people can see you as confident. Dreams do become a reality.


  1. Darling! I totally want that animal print skirt.

  2. i have her added on MM she's gorgeous!

  3. ooh that second dress with the grey leggings!! so pretty!

  4. This makes me so enormously happy - I really just want to laugh aloud. What a wonderful treat after the man who KNEW perfectly well I was in the hospital for anorexia tried to convince me to cut out dairy products so that I could lose weight.

  5. You have an amazing blog!, im so happy to have found it...

  6. Like Flavia M, I just found your blog today and it's amazing, great stuff. Thank you! ... and spent a while going through the past few weeks, feeling so grateful for the glimpses of the best of plus-size fashion! Thanks for putting me on to some UK brands - I've already ordered!

  7. She is absolutely stunning. I love her photos!

    However, you wrote she is a size 16, and that just seemed off to me, so I went and checked her measurements on her model site, which is 42-35-49, and that is more like a size 20, maybe 18? I only point this out because as a plus size girl its really valuable to me to know the model size when looking at her, and knowing the fit and imagining it on myself, which is difficult if it says the model is a size she actually isn't :)

  8. "However, you wrote she is a size 16, and that just seemed off to me, so I went and checked her measurements on her model site, which is 42-35-49, and that is more like a size 20, maybe 18?"

    She probably means "16W", for which her measurements would be spot-on (agreed that in 2-20 sizing, she'd be likely to wear a size 18 at those measurements). Plus models generally just give their plus size, not their straight size, because pretty much nobody ever books anyone above size 8 to shoot fashions sized 2-20.

    Did she do a Curvation print ad? Because she looks familiar, but I haven't seen any of the photos you share here.

  9. Teslyn is a total sweetheart. I had the pleasure of meeting her at FFFWEEK and I wish her nothing but the best. She's sure to have a bright future in the plus model industry!

  10. Whoo! That's good to know, BklynBredDiva!

  11. gosh, she is beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing, I cant wait to see her more and more! :)

  12. WOW, she is TOTALLY gorgeous!!

    I especially love the grey dress and brown shirt w/ off-white skirt. Uhhhmazing.

    Why the hell don't we see more women like her on more runways and in more ads?! It's a crime. The mainstream world misses out on such unique and wonderful beauties...

    Also, your blog is fab - I love it. I linked to it on my blog :) Thanks!


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