Friday, September 4, 2009

Beth Ditto vs. Karl Lagerfeld

I don't normally post much "fashion news" here, but as you all know, Beth Ditto's position in the mainstream fashion world definitely intrigues me. She's the only fat girl I know of who has had clothing custom made for her by the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Gareth Pugh. I found this short piece about her relationship with Lagerfeld (who is very openly anti-fat) especially interesting, and I wanted to pass it along:

"Beth Ditto found meeting Karl Lagerfeld one of the biggest challenges of her life. The Gossip singer - who recently designed her own range of clothes for British high street store Evans - found meeting the outspoken Chanel creative director difficult because of his strong opinions and views. She said: 'Being face-to-face with people like Karl Lagerfeld was one of the most challenging things I have ever done.' Earlier this year Karl slammed German supermodel Heidi Klum, branding her too fat for the catwalk. Beth, who is known for her rounded bodyshape and eccentric outfits, explained she found it hard to connect with the designer because of her individuality.

She explained to Scotland's Sunday Mail newspaper: 'I never knew what resistance was really like until I entered the mainstream. When you are in a punk scene and everybody around you thinks like you, talks like you and walks like you and you have the same ideology, that sort of resistance doesn't exist. It is much more dangerous to be a feminist and stand in front of Karl Lagerfeld and look him in the eye. That felt like resistance far more than being at a punk show full of people who already know about politics and feminism.'

Previously, Beth admitted she preferred the designer's work to his personality. She confessed: 'What if, come tomorrow, he hates me? Well, I don't really care because he's not my friend. It's not like a break-up. He's just a person who makes dresses for me sometimes. I wouldn't say he's a really cool person but he's a really cool artist. I appreciate a lot of art by really shitty people. And I'm not so weak to think that this is going to last or they're going to love me forever.'"

I don't know about them, but I'll love you forever, Beth.


  1. this article reflects so much of what is wrong with the fashion industry. it's strongly dictated by size instead of creativity or personality. really lame BUT doesn't stop me from tryin' to look fabulous on a regular basis and i see it doesn't stop you either hehe :)

    btw, love your blog!

  2. I think I may be the last fat blogger on earth to not be on the Beth Ditto train... mostly because I don't know much about her. But the more I learn, the more I love, and her take on Lagerfeld is no exception. It's hard to separate the artist from the art, especially when both are icons; even harder to be secure enough in who you are to respect the art of someone who clearly doesn't accept people that look like you. I guess it goes along with the territory... being a fat girl in love w/ fashion.

    Thanks for for this! love your site btw ;)

  3. I'm constantly impressed by how intelligent Beth Ditto comes across in interviews and that makes me love her so much more.

    Lagerfeld is such a weird looking man...

  4. Beth looks great in that photo -- what a fabulous smile. (And feather-cape of course!) Also, as a rock n roll fan, it's great to see her repping the sincere punk rock diy experience, rather than the commercialized Hot Topic version, in which people who don't care in the least about music walk around with Ramones t-shirts.

  5. Karl himself has issues with his own body image. He lost a lot of weight, and his reasons are his own, but it's obvious that he sees fat as disgusting. However, no one can ignore the impact that his man has on the fashion industry. He is in charge of one of the last true couture ateliers left, an enterprise so cocky that they deem it necessary to let you know that you can never begin to think you are worthy of designing anything "Chanelesque" with regular ads in WWD and like publications. And yet if you've seen the behind the scenes documentaries, its not unfounded cockiness. I have a feeling if you want Karl to change his views, or at least become more accepting, you're going to have to make him think like it was his idea first.

  6. I'm so happy to see Ditto addressing this. At first, I felt almost betrayed by the fact that she would wear something made by someone so size-ist, but hearing her reasons behind it (it's about the art, not the person who makes it) are definitely something I can support and should even adopt myself.

  7. I think shes a tool for even smiling in that picture with him. Hes an asshole and I'm glad he "stepped down" from chanel

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