Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Amber Riley

Ever since discovering Amber Riley
, I have been totally enamored. Glee is definitely one of the best shows on television right now, and Amber's character, Mercedes Jones, is a big part of the reason why. She's confident, sassy, and best of all, girl can sing like no other. Her clothes are stylish yet daring, and I love the fact that the show hasn't made her size central to the storyline.

In this short and sweet interview with YFF, Amber talks about learning to love herself and tells us about her great style (I had a sneaking suspicion we wouldn't be able to get our hands on that amazing red leather jacket from the clip above).

How did you begin your acting and singing career? What was the casting process for Glee?
I started singing at age two and my mother noticed that gift and immediately started training me vocally. I heard about Glee at the end of the audition process, I went in initially thinking the role was more of a background gig and soon learned it was a co-starring role! Everything happened so fast and I'm blessed to be a part of something so influential to young people and to be having so much fun living a part of my dream!

Where is your favorite place to shop?
I don't really have a favorite place to shop, I love exploring new stores and little boutiques. I am addicted to Target though, there is a one hundred dollar limit for Chris Colfer and me!

Describe your personal style.
I like to describe my style as comfortable classy chic. I love to have clothes that I can mix and match to either dress up or dress down. I have expensive pieces in my closet but this girl does not turn a blind eye to the sales rack! I love a bargain! Fashion knows no price tag in my eyes!

What's your favorite item in your wardrobe?
I have this spaghetti strapped colorful tank that I make sure is always packed when I'm traveling! It's comfortable and sexy!

Everyone wants to know: Where is that amazing red jacket from that you wore during the "Bust Your Windows" scene?
That jacket was actually a vintage piece that our Wardrobe Department found. We have the best stylists in the biz.

Have you noticed any pressure in Hollywood regarding your size?
I actually noticed it more when I was younger which is why I stopped, it was getting to my self-esteem. But once I learned I am not my dress size and to never let anyone put me in a box, I was more content with being myself and letting the world see my light shine.

What fall fashion trends are you currently loving?
I haven't really noticed the fall fashion trends, but I have been noticing the fellas. I'm loving all the different hats the guys are wearing, love it!

What are the similarities and differences between you and your character, Mercedes, in terms of fashion and personality?
I believe Mercedes and I share the same love of color! I love being bright and vibrant and colorful! I like to say I'm Mercedes all grown up, she's more hip hop than me for sure.

What can we expect from Glee this season?
A lot more drama, lots of great music, a little more romance, and a whole lot of fun and touching moments.

Any fashion tips for your plus size fans?
I would say make sure that what you wear makes you feel beautiful and comfortable, dress for your shape, and put a little color in your life, you'd be surprised how much it can brighten up your day!



  2. What an awesome gal to have a chance to interview! A total gem. Love Glee, Love Amber, and LOVE YFF!! Thanks for bringing such great stuff. :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE Amber! So happy you posted an interview with her. I'm loving all the content you're giving us lately.

  4. Awesome woman, awesome show! Thanks for the interview.

  5. Love Glee. Love Amber. Love YFF.
    Shit, her singing "Bust Your Windows" almost killed me!
    Definitely one of the best performances of the show so far.

  6. I loooove Glee and every time I hear Amber sing I get shivers! Can't wait to see more of her in the mainstream. :)

  7. I can't read the video. It only works for USA (I'm in France).


  8. I love her. She seems so confident and that is what younger girls need.

  9. ok I just found your blog today and I am completely IN LOVE!!!!!! This just downright gorgeous keep doing your thing!

  10. excellent interview... keep 'em comin'

  11. Nooooooooooo..... Some store needs to make that red jacket so the rest of us can have one.

    Totally love Amber Riley though, thanks for posting this!

  12. I don't really watch the show (cause it comes on at the same time with "Modern Family") but I do like her confidence. It shows in those pictures. And her style is really casual chic. Nice.

  13. Fabulous interview, dahling! So much more interesting than the typical superficial stuff.

  14. Love her!!! And I want that blue dress.

  15. Ms. Royal Reigns, if timing is the only thing keeping you from watching Glee, you should know it's on Hulu.

    Gabi, I am so jealous that you got to talk to her. She's awesome. I also love that her size isn't central to any storyline. I don't even think it's been mentioned. I mean, the cheerleaders offered to help spruce her up when she was crushing on Kurt and it still didn't come up.

  16. Love this! I've never watched Glee even though people have been raving about it. Right after I write this comment I'm going to and checkin out an epi or two. lol thanks.

  17. aww i LOVE Glee and i LOVE Amber Riley! I live for her! She is such a beautiful young woman...and her twitter is so funny! lol. :)

  18. I just discovered this blog and I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE!!!!!! I can't wait to tell all of my FAT AND FABULOUS FRIENDS!

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