Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was a total bust for me, I hope you guys had a better time than I did. I went as Cruella De Vil, but I'm already planning next year's costume.

Dress: Rainbow/Shoes:Charlotte Russe/Dalmation Stole:Jo-Ann Fabrics/Accessories: Halloween USA

Leave a comment and tell me what you dressed up as (link me to a picture if possible)!


  1. Perfect as always. Love it! You always look so great in short skirts, you inspire me to wear shorter lengths!

    I wore pirate and cat costumes this year. Pictures on my blog.


  2. sorry about your hallloween, maybe now next year will be twice as good.

    l o v e your outfit!!

    if you love this blog like i do, then maybe you'll like this one too...

  3. I was tempted to go as a disney villainess myself.. I contemplated Cruela Deville and almost tried to pull together a Ursula costume but the tentacles gave me a mental block so I have decided that is what I am gonna be next year... I just love her tee hee!!

    So I ended up going as Abby Scutio the awesome goth scientist from the show N.C.I.S who I also love. No pictures yet they are still in my friends camera but the night was pretty fun... other than getting pulled over by the cops and having to take the wonderful sobriety tests even though pepsi was the only thing that passed my lips lol. All because I had pulled into a empty parking lot to stick my hair up in a ponytail so we could put the top down on the convertible and the cops thought that we were checking out the coffee place to break in .... lol what a crazy night.

    anyway it was fun, and the first time I actually felt ok in a costume I was wearing.

  4. I went as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction while she was overdosing. I only have a picture of my face...

    ...but it's not letting me paste in the link.

  5. You make a really beautiful Cruella! I have to say, though your night might not have been fun, you had a great costume.

    I am impressed with the Charlotte Russe red pumps. They look a lot like Joan and David's similar platform pump but I'm assuming they're reasonably priced like the rest of Charlotte Russe's stuff? I am going to try to find these...

  6. You did a good job with the costume. Diggin' the hair. Did you spray some pieces white or is it attachments?

    Sorry that your Halloween sucked. I had a good time, though. ;o/ Anywho, my initial plan was to be a "Lost" character. No one in particular but just like a stranded passenger. Due to whatever, that didn't come to pass. So I just scanned through my closet and decided at the last minute to be a flapper.

  7. You look FABULOUS. My Halloween didn't really turn out the way I wanted to either, here's to next year, right?

    I was the Other Mother from Coraline:

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  9. Love your costume! Hope next year your Halloween will be better.

    Mine surprisingly went well. I had an awesome peacock mask and wore it with one of my dresses.

    I don't really have a good picture of me. But here's one of the better ones.

  10. thanks everyone! great costumes.

    @scatteredmarbles, i am thinking about being ursula next year too!

    @sydera yeah, they were $30!

    @ms royal reigns i used white face paint in my hair :)

  11. Excellent costume! I chose to stay in this halloween, but had I chosen to go out I planned on being Velma from Scooby Doo. The all time coolest nerd ever!

  12. I made Lego Costumes for me & my boy!

  13. I love the Lego Costume. Did you enter any contests?

  14. I love love love your costume. It is so neat! I was a nun but I forgot to take pics.

  15. I love love LOVE your costume ^_^ very creative

  16. Sorry your night sucked, at least you looked amazing!

    I was a viking!
    Pics here:

  17. Loved your costume!

    I went as a cop...

  18. Great look, love it. Those shoes are awesome!

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