Friday, December 11, 2009

Child's Play

This isn't exactly related to fat fashion, but I had to share! If you've been reading YFF for a while, you know that last Spring I was the assistant to the stylist for a few Marie Claire Australia photo shoots in NYC. I am happy to say that I've just seen the results of all of my hard work, and I am extremely pleased. It's amazing to see that all of my sweat (who do you think unpacks, steams, and organizes those beautiful clothes?) paid off! This photo shoot was called "Child's Play," and the entire experience was so much fun. At the end of our fourteen hour day, I was still smiling. I am more than proud of my first mainstream magazine photo shoot, and I can only imagine the day when I'm the head stylist. A big thank you to Kate for allowing me to help her make styling decisions! My favorite look has to be the Louis Vuitton dress in image six! Would you wear any of these looks?

P.S.-Speaking of magazines, I was recently featured in Germany's Missy Magazine! Check it out!


  1. Gabi, first off congrats -- I'm so glad to see you doing big things! Secondly, this is quite possibly the best thing I have ever laid my eyes on... the locations, concept, styling, models are perfect. Who was the photographer?

  2. Congrats Gabby! Love the pics! You are destined to do this, so keep that dream going!!

  3. Congratulations, girl! Everything looks lovely--especially the Louis Vuitton dress. You got to TOUCH these gorgeous clothes and work on making this fabulous shoot? I bow down to you.

    Also, the fact that these were shot at Circus is making me ludicrously homesick.

    Congrats 2.0 on your magazine feature. If anyone's going to make it in fashion, it's going to be you. No lie.

  4. When I saw this in Marie Claire I tore it out and stuck it on my wall, I loved it so much. I didn't know this was the one you worked on! The clothes and the photos are gorgeous. Congratulations! I am in love with this.

  5. Congrats! :) I lovee the second picture, I'd wear all of the outfits minus the first one and last two.

  6. WOW. Congratulations! What a fun shoot. I'd die for all these looks, hah. It's nice to see hard work delivers results. Congrats again :) .

    <3 lisa

  7. Congratulationsss!
    This look like such an awesome shoot to be a part of, beautiful clothes and fun photographs!
    This is a stunning editorial, well done you :) :) :)
    I'm insanely jealous

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