Friday, July 31, 2009

Beth Ditto in NYLON

Sometimes I think all of the fat fashion blogs should just rename themselves "Beth Ditto Blogs," because we talk about her so damn much. But the thing is, she really is the only famous fat girl who is actively involved in the mainstream world of high fashion. She sits in the front row during fashion week, she's not afraid to experiment with clothing, and best of all, she's unapologetic about her size.

Ditto (well, actually, The Gossip) is featured in August's issue of NYLON Magazine, and as always, she's lookin' fierce:

Above, Beth wears an American Apparel bodysuit and a vintage capelet

Here are some of Ditto's best quotes from the article (though I think my favorite is the one pictured might be my new motto):

"England honestly has better taste than America. I think it always has and always will. Europe was the first place to embrace Nina Simone, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding. I'm not saying we're on the same level of brilliance--but Europeans are quicker to pick up on something and give it a chance. Cool is really important to them; when they say something's cool, they're gonna mean it. And people in England just look fucking amazing all the time, more than anywhere else. It's not like Portland, where it's like, 'Cool--bike cleats!'"

"Punk is fashion. A friend of mine said, 'I don't know a single punk who doesn't spend a long time on their looks.' Too fuckin' true! Guess what doesn't get up there by itself? A liberty spike! I didn't have eyebrows for a long time. That's how I felt punk even in my most un-punk moments. That's how I could stay connected--I could be wearing Chanel, but there's zero eyebrows."

Be sure to check out the mag and read the full interview. She never fails to amaze me.

How To Dress Your Body Shape

I get countless emails from readers asking how to dress for their body shape. I'm no expert on this, because I'm not one to tell people "how to flatter" their bodies (trust me, if you're fat, no amount of "tricks" are going to make you look thin--I don't care how much black you're wearing or where your belt is placed). However, I do know it's something my readers have shown immense interest in, and therefore I was happy to find out about the new website Body Shape Fashion Advice launched by Fashion World (a UK plus size retailer that carries sizes 12-32). While I don't love everything Fashion World offers, there are some things I'd definitely wear, like this Rachel Zoe-inspired look:

The tips on how to dress for your body shape are provided by fashion stylist Joy Wilson (who put together the above ensemble). Since I do trust her taste, I am happy to share her advice with you guys:

Whether you're an apple, pear, hourglass, strawberry, or rectangle, the site offers comprehensive "how to dress" tips, individual videos discussing each shape, and links to the clothing that works best for you. One last rule, though: don't be afraid to break the rules. If something an expert says doesn't jive with your personal taste, it's okay not to accept the advice.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Meet Natalie (chances are, you already have--she's taking over the internet). She blogs about her life (on, about being fat (on Axis of Fat), and just started vlogging on YouTube. She's an incredible artist from Australia who is on a mission to spread Fat Acceptance far and wide. Her style is funky and modern, and I love that she always has fun with clothes. (Also, you should check out her wedding pictures, because they are amazing).

At the end of this post, I've included her video "How To Love Yourself In 8 Really Hard Steps," which I definitely recommend watching; it's informative and inspirational--plus, her accent is awesome.

Name: Natalie
Age: 28
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Size: AU 22-24, UK 24-26, US 20-24
Favorite Places to Shop: Locally, I can't really say I have any favourites, our choices are pretty limited. City Chic is the most fashion forward retailer, however the price is too high for the quality you get in return. Estelle (a beautiful department store label) stops just shy of my size. I am loving shopping online with Evans at the moment though - in the last month I've made two purchases! I also source a lot of my clothes from the Fatshionista community's sales post Fridays.
Fashion Icons: My overarching icon is Barbara Cartland, because I'm on a fanciness kick right now. That's not always appropriate though, so my day to day wear is very inspired by real people: from the Sartorialist, to Wardrobe Remix, Hel Looks and the Fatshionista flickr pool! I especially consider yourself and Christina from Musings of a Fatshionista as icons, as you've both really inspired me to take risks with fashion. I said to someone the other day that you guys are like my Carrie Bradshaws of the fatshion world - so many crazy awesome outfits that Patricia Field would be proud of!
Current Obsession: Cowboy boots with floral dresses. A red military jacket. Trying to get out of the "black is for plus sizes" mindset. Big, brassy blondes. Obscene ladylikeness.
Advice to other YFF Girls: How you present yourself is the story you're telling everyone you meet without even opening your mouth. If you have a story to tell, don't be ashamed to start telling it. Exhaust every avenue finding the pieces that fully illustrate your style and don't get locked into thinking that what's on the rack is what you must wear: learn to sew or alter, consider things you thought you never could, go op shopping (thrifting to most of you!) and cut and paste. Your body is a canvas, whether you like it or not, so don't be afraid to take those first tentative daubs with fashion.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I received this email from a few days ago, and I want some feedback from you guys.

We came across your site recently and thought it would be perfect for an giveaway! We would be happy to offer a plus size top (of our choosing) as a giveaway to be sent to one of your readers monthly. Anyone who is selected must be on the email list, so please direct your viewers to sign up for our mailing list at On the 30th day of the promotion and monthly thereafter, please select a winner and email us her name, address, email address and size. We will contact the winner and let her know that she won a top from the contest on your site. If you select a winner that is not signed up on our mailing list, we will ask you to choose another winner.

My concern is that's aesthetic isn't really in line with what I try to promote on YFF. Though they do offer some cute things, I don't like the fact that the winner would not be able to choose the item they receive. What do you guys think? Is the giveaway something you're interested in? I mean, free is free, so I guess that's cool. I want to hear your opinions before I agree to this!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anna Scholz Fall Preview

Sorry I'm not updating daily, life is super hectic right now! I promise there are some really cool things in the works though, so it's worth it.

Thanks to Deena from Fat Girls Like Clothes Too for tipping me off that Anna Scholz has released her Fall/Winter 09 look book! My favorite pieces are below, but be sure to check out everything in the catalog. What's your fave?

Monday, July 13, 2009


I haven't blogged about accessories in a while, and I wanted to share the ones I'm craving this summer. These things have been hot for a while, but I'm a little behind because I haven't been able to buy much lately.

1) Oversized Men's Watch

Men's watches on women's wrists are becoming more and more popular. Wearing a large-faced metal one (I prefer gold) a little bit loose completes almost any summer time outfit. This Le Chateu watch is on sale for $85 from, but I'm sure you can find something cheaper at your local thrift store or TJMaxx.

2) Nude/Taupe Heels

I don't know how it's possible I don't own a pair yet, it's almost disgraceful. They're super trendy right now, and they look great with everything. Try these Dolce Vita heels (I have them in black, they're fab) for $136

Love these platforms from Bakers for $70. They're calling to me (no really, they're named "Gabbi")

3) Matte Nail Polish

It's time to ditch the glossy stuff; matte polish is what's in! I'm personally lovin' it. If you don't wanna shell out the dough, you can achieve this look by applying your base coat on top of your normal polish--it helps dull the shine. If you wanna buy it, KnockOut Cosmetics makes some great shades like Karen and Calamine (seen below), and OPI launched a matte line this month.

4) Feather Earrings

They have never really gone out of style, but I'm especially digging them right now. Since my hair is now super short, I feel naked without intricate, dangly earrings to make up for the lack of 'fro. The asymmetrical look is hot! A ton of etsy sellers make handmade ones, like these from Azeeta Designs for $12.

5) Clear Umbrella

These have been around for years now, and I've wanted one forever. The rain in NYC has been coming down non-stop, so I think it's time to finally invest in one and stop carrying around my boring black thing. This one from TopShop has cute pink ruffles!

What accessories are on your wishlist this summer?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Teslyn Butler

Teslyn Butler is a gorgeous up and coming plus size model from Arkansas whose print and runway work has gained national recognition. This southern belle's impeccable style is flirty, feminine and totally reminiscent of a vintage vixen. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Full Figured Fashion Week, and she's not only beautiful, but also super sweet. Be on the lookout for Teslyn, I'm sure you'll be seeing much more of her.

Name: Teslyn Butler
Age: 24
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Size: 16
Favorite Places to Shop: Torrid, Ashley Stewart, Monif C, Speigel, H & M and many more
Current Obsession: Lip Gloss, I have been buying all kinds lately!
Advice to other YFF Girls: Follow your dreams no matter what. When people tell you that you can't do something, it should do nothing but motivate and encourage you to follow your dreams even more. Don't ever allow anyone to tell you that you are not good enough because of your size and remember that you have to be confident in yourself before people can see you as confident. Dreams do become a reality.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Alice and the Cat Eye

Alice is a freelance makeup artist from Mississippi and a long-time friend of mine. She can do it all, but she works some serious magic with eyeliner; every time I see a picture of her, I'm asking for another tutorial on how to accomplish the perfect cat eye (my shaky hands leave much to be desired). I've been begging her to guest blog for YFF for months, and she's finally given in! The girl is a genius--if you don't believe me (or even if you do), check out her website: Her photography, writing and art is breathtaking, much like her beauty. Girl is fly, and hopefully she'll be blogging here in the future (we must get her an account so I don't have to introduce her each time!)

If you want even more Alice, follow her on twitter @neutralizing.


I'm not an especially flashy dresser. I'm mostly drawn to a somber color palette of greys and blacks with (increasingly occasional) pops of yellow and red. I very rarely find myself attracted to print. I mean, I love print (houndstooth! buffalo plaid! stripes! leopard!), but I usually feel like the prints that are sold to fat women leave, uh, somethin' to be desired. I am so over big floral abstractions that I could puke.

Anyway, that means I need to get my visual interest another way. I ain't tryin' to look boring. My mom is a hairdresser, and I learned from an early age that the details of a look can have just as much impact as the rest. That means clever and style driven accessorizing, hairstyle choice, and make-up, my favorite part of the whole thing.

When it comes to beauty, trends are worthless. A smoky eye is not hot right now; it's always hot. A bold lip? Always hot. Big hair? Straight hair? A fine brow? A thick brow? Heavy blush? When it comes to beauty, what's important is what compliments your own personal style, not just what plays well with the fashion of the day. If you know a few simple make-up looks that you understand how to modify, you'll be set for life.

One of my all time favorite looks is cat eye liner. Nothing is more versatile. With adjustment, it'll go with everything. Once you know how to execute it, you can try it in different sizes (Winehouse! Jolie!), finishes (creamy! powdery! glossy!) and colors (black is standard, but try aqua blue! grassy green! purple!). I'm going to teach you how I personally do it.

First, find the angle at which your liner should be drawn. Lay a straight edge between your nose and the outside of your eyebrow, being sure it meets the outside corner of your eye. The angle is probably more steep than you would expect, but I find that flatter angles have a different effect on the shape of the eye than I usually like. Experiment!

Using whatever product you want (liquid liner, pencil liner, or powder/cream/gel on an angle brush all work fine), draw a line from along the angle you found before. You can keep your line short or take it further out depending on your taste! I go pretty far out there, partly because I wear glasses. This line needs to be straight on the outside, but you should feel comfortable going over it again if you need to straighten things up! Mistakes will likely be dealt with later.

Starting at the outside tip of your first line, draw a line down onto your eyelid. Check the picture! You want a narrow but not too narrow triangle happening. Again, as long as it's straight outside, you're fine. If you're not comfortable, make this shape a little thinner than you think it needs to be. You can thicken it up later.

Starting near the inside corner of the eye, draw a line that will connect with the shape you drew before. Follow the curve of the eye but don't keep draw the line at your eyelashes unless the wing at the outside corner is very small.

Fill it in! As you fill in your shape, you can smooth out any errors you made before to make sure everything's as smooth as you want it to be.

I like my liner to taper to a very fine point. If you do too, taper it! With just a little product on the brush and very light pressure, extend the corner to a very fine point.

Finish your make-up! I prefer to put foundation on after I do my (or a client's!) eye make-up, which means that I don't need to be as careful when I'm doing the eyes. When wearing a strong cat eye, I wear lots of mascara on my top lashes and none on my bottom lashes. This is a personal preference and another of the many things you can do to personalize something like this for yourself.

If y'all have any questions about this look or any other look you're curious about, tell me or Gabi! I want to help! If I can't explain it to you, I'll come over and do it myself. Pinky swear.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chop Chop

Your eyes are not deceiving you, I chopped my hair off. I'm going through a sort of quarter life crisis and had a Britney moment. I think it turned out okay, considering I just took handfuls of hair and cut until I was satisfied.

This is what I wore for my very first visit to Topshop (sorry about the crappy lighting--I wish I would have taken these outside). Also, I swear it was bright out and I am not in the habit of wearing sunglasses indoors.

I absolutely adore this outfit; the H&M harem pedal pushers are the most comfortable thing in my closet--I wish the pics showed their slouchy greatness. I layered a white Old Navy tank over a striped spandex dress (which was a gift from Gabby). To complete the look I added my H&M cropped blazer and these amazing Derek Lam wedges (borrowed, don't worry). I had the shoes on for about 6 minutes before my feet were killing and I promptly switched into flats. Oh well.

Oh, and TopShop? Heaven on Earth.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Beth Ditto's Evans line has officially launched! I know this stuff isn't everybody's taste, and understandably so, but I dig most of it. I think we'd seen almost everything in the previews, but it's still super exciting to finally have it available for purchase. What are your faves? I love the cropped biker jacket and the stained glass prom dress.

So what's the verdict? Love or hate?

P.S. According to my Twitter sources, you can get £5 off the new line by using code evesu94 before July 14.

Rompin Around

So I realized I am way too impatient to wait until a certain day of the week to show you guys the clothes I want. Instead, I'll just post things here as I find them. Right now, I need this Torrid romper. I hate being poor.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


And now for a little shameless self-promotion: yesterday Clutch Magazine published an interview with me in their fashion blog, Stylistic.

If you're not familiar with Clutch Mag or their Stylistic blog, you should be--they feature some amazing up and coming designers, trends and fashionistas. Just in the past few days, they've introduced me to Patricia Field's 5-finger half gloves (must have), a cool jewelry line called Vintage Royalty, and the awesome online boutique, Yannique. Check 'em out (and don't forget to read my interview!)

All images taken from


Meet Gabby. Most likely you've seen her around the fat fashion blogosphere (she's quite popular in the wardrobe remix flickr community and she has a fashion blog called Corazones Rojos). Gabby is the queen of skinny pants and vintage dresses and has one of the best developed personal styles around. I like to call it grandma-chic, and I mean that in the best way possible. Plus, we share the same name, so she has to be pretty fuckin' cool.

Name: Gabby
Age: 26
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Size: 14/16
Favorite Places to Shop: Most of the items in my closet are thrifted. I buy a lot of second-hand items and frequent Etsy; but my absolute number one favorite place to shop is a little thrift store in my hometown called The Value Center.
Fashion Icons: Stevie Nicks, Anna Sui, Jane Birkin, Chloe Sevigny, Susie Bubble
Current Obsession: Nast-Magazine, the Lykke Li bun, adding more black items to my closet, and plus-size fashion blogs.
Advice to other YFF Girls: I don't believe in fashion - I believe in personal style. First and foremost, don't rule out any store or trend. The best and most creative outfits are put together with items you never thought you would wear or like. Also, get yourself a simple sewing kit. I always shorten, hem, or cut thrift store items in some way or another to make them fit me better or alter them to my style. And above anything, do not listen to what anyone else says about how you should or should not dress.

Want to be featured as YFF's Girl of the Moment? Email, you could be chosen next!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dorothy Perkins Premium

If you are an active online shopper (or if you read The Musings of a Fatshionista), you've already seen the new Dorothy Perkins Premium Collection. It is, in a word, amazing. Here are a few of my favorite things:

And in case you didn't know, DP now has maternity clothing! This is awesome news for fat girls who carry more of their weight in their bellies; the extra room makes a huge difference. I will shamelessly tell you that I've shopped in the maternity section at places like Target and Old Navy and I've found some great options that way.

It's cool that UK retailers like Dorothy Perkins already go up to size 22, but let's hope they follow the lead of ASOS and extend their sizing even further.