Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hair Tutorial

I've had quite a few requests for me to explain how I do my hair, so I made a video. Hope you enjoy! (I know it's a really cute freeze frame!)

Products I use: Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Shampoo & Conditioner, Aveda Defining Whip


  1. I don't wash my hair everyday, either. Most people who feel they have to because it gets to oily, but that is your hair over compensating for the oil that is being removed daily. If you wait it out a week or two, you will soon be able to go 2 or 3 days without washing. I color my hair often and go maybe 5 or 6 days.

    also, Gabi, have you tried blowdrying with a diffuser?

  2. @amelia yeah, i've tried diffusers, they don't work well with my hair :( still too frizzy!

  3. I pretty much have the same hair as you do. I try not to wash it daily, but since I use tons of mousse and hairspray I kinda have to wash it. I have tried just rinsing it with conditioner. I also use herbal essence shampoo but I use the purple one, not sure whats its called, I think it like for curly hair. I need to try the Aveda Defining Whip, your hair looks healthy. Do you buy that at a salon or drug store?

  4. Thank you so very much for this video. I'm a weird kind of wavey/curly hair person, and also use the purple Herbal Essences shampoo. Lately I've been using the straight hair one because I like to straighten it for work. But when I can't really be bothered blow drying/straightening, I just apply John Frieda Frizz-Ease (the one for defining curls) and let it dry into awesomeness. Although Aveda Defining Whip looks much better. Your hair is particularily healthy glossy in the video.

    I remember your makeup tutorial dearly. As a makeup fan, it was really useful what you said about doing your eyes before the rest of the face. It really saves loads of time on cleaning and redoing in case anything goes wrong with mascara or eyeliner.

    And that blouse you're wearing is made of win.

  5. I'm jealous of girls with curls.

  6. i got that essie polish last february, and i've gone through three bottles in the last year. it is AMAZING.

  7. hi, Gabi!

    i absolutely loved your blog and your exposures to the plus size society with your great fashion sense. i am very thankful for that and glad that i was not alone in this because i am different, deaf, and as plus size lady and i had different theory in fashion that i wont wear that people want me to wear. im trying to start on my blog as soon as i have plenty of neat ideas in fashion whichever,im also thinking about adding the fashion school in my bucket list.

    i have the same hair style you have, but i do conditioner DAILY as much as i have to keep my hair soft and moist. Even my mom was jealous of me! lol.

    But i do use Dove Conditioner and some curl/wave wrap lotion and mix it up together, worked well together on my hair. i shown my mom how to do it, she got sooo delightful to have her "jeri-curls" back. she is rocking her afro, i could not rock my afro like her.

    eventually, i got people asking me the same thing on how do i got my curly hair, i told them that they'd have to rinse the hair with water and use conditioner as much as you can.

    thank you for your time to read this.. im sorry for the long "essay" note. keep your fabulous blog coming!

  8. I tried out your hair routine and it worked great!


  9. Hi Gabi,
    I feel your pain! My hair is really wavy and frizzy pre-flat iron. You must have to get up really early in the morning though if you're waiting an hour and a half for your hair to dry though! :( Oh, and I use prescriptives face make up too and love it. When I use anything else, I break out no matter what :( Thanks for the video, you're so adorable! :)

  10. thank you guys for your comments!
    @chunky curlz i get the aveda whip at a salon
    @liveask1 thank you!
    @sakari you look great!


  11. I just found your blog last night and have spent multiple hours perusing your older posts. I have to say that after years of people who are close to me tell me that I can't be beautiful and fat at the same time, I am totally inspired.

    Thank you for being beautiful.

  12. Your hair looks awesome. It has inspired me to wear my hair curly more often!

    On another note, where did you get your shirt/dress? I love it!

  13. Awesome. I was wondering, what do you do to your hair when you go to sleep? Do you put it up or twist it? Also, how do you keep it from flattening out after sleeping? Waking up in the morning is usually my biggest problem when it comes to my hair lol

  14. You have such beautiful curls!


  16. I have wavy hair, it is all about diffusing!

    Em. x.

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  17. awwww this video was such a treat. i miss you gabi! kisses from london. come visit me immediately!


  18. I'm about to get my hair cut and I'd reallyreally like more pictures so I can get an awesome cut like you!

    My hair will probably be about chin-length, and my curls are a bit smaller than yours, so I think it would look good.

    please help!

  19. I have curly hair too that's a little bit looser than yours. I find that if I wash about once a week and condition in between my hair is fine. I use product for special occasions as long as I condition and comb through with the conditioner in my curls are pretty well defined by themselves.

    I actually wanted to comment on the True Match stuff. I love their concealer and totally recommend that over the foundation. The foundation is really heavy for everyday use and also very opaque and matte. Most days I use the concealer over red blemishes and my dark circles. It stays in place for like 12 hours and is one of the few lines that match my pale olive skin.

    Also I really enjoy your fashion even though we have completely different styles. I'm like geek chic and could never pull off some of the things you do.

  20. I'm going to try that aveda whip stuff on my hair. Hopefully it will help define my curls the way diffusers can't. Thanks for the tip.

  21. I must say I love your hairstyle, and my hair texture is a lot different from yours (it's relaxed) but I still wanted to try this.

    I went to the hair salon about a week ago and had my hair dresser curl my hair with flexirods (the curls tend to last for about two weeks), and this Wednesday I tried the hair style and it turned out pretty okay.


    FYI, my curls were a lot looser this time around for some reason so the style probably looks more relaxed on my head lol

  22. GABI! we have the same hair. like exactly the same boticelli curl, and i have the secret weapon to getting your hair to dry with a hair dryer. i am anti-diffuser, because, just like you, they always made my hair frizzy.

    THEN! i discovered this bad boy from devachan:

    i hardly ever shampoo my hair (and i'm totes trying out the herbal essences). i can usually get away with NOT washing my hair/getting it wet for ~3 days in a row.

    anyway, the process to use this thing is this -
    1. do your thing in the shower
    2. when you condition your hair in the shower, run your fingers through your hair like a comb and comb it in whatever direction (front for you!) that you would normally style it.
    3. when you get out, use paper towels or an old tshirt to scrunch and dry your hair (do not rub - that will disturb your curl). don't forget to skip the brushing step here - remember you combed forward with your fingers in the shower
    3a. then i put a little extra really LIGHT conditioner, some curl creme from shuga, and then some angell from devachan in my hair to freeze the curls while i'm drying them with their hair do bobber
    3b. i put curl clips along the part in my hair (i don't comb forward - YET! i'm totally gonna style my hair like yours this week tho)
    4. then, whip that bad boy from devachan onto your hair dryer, and stick the hand looking thing into your curls near your scalp (not too close or you will burn!)
    5. their thingy actually dries your hair from the inside of your hair out. the reason our hair takes so long to dry is because it's thick, all clumped together cause it's curly, and the inside needs to dry first!
    6. i work my way around my head and then flip my head over and dry the ends while flipped. there are multiple methods to this, and i had to try like 4 or 5 times before i really got this. i'm gonna make a video soon so that people can see how i do mine, and i'll share with you.

    i feel like we should be curl sisters. i'm sure you know about for reference - here's my do:

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