Sunday, January 17, 2010

Once You Go Black

You'd think by now I'd be sick of the rocker-chic-all-black-studded-and-spiked-everything look. It's so overdone it's almost nauseating. The truth is, I kind of want to stop wearing it (mostly because every single person on the street short of my grandmother is rockin' Rihanna's style), but I can't get over it! Nothing else feels quite right. Here are a few items that are currently on my mind:

1)Faith 21 Blazer. Okay, okay, so I know technically I already own this, but I thought I'd let you guys know it's available for purchase online now!
2) Source of Wisdom Skinnies. There's nothing like the perfect black skinny jean.
3) Alloy Beaded Neck Dress. I love casual dresses that you can take from day tonight, and this one has the perfect amount of detail to dress up or down.
4) Jeffrey Campbell 99s.Platform wedges are pretty much my favorite type of shoe right now--all the height with none of the pain? Yes please. Jeffrey Campbell can do no wrong.
5) Faith 21 Mini. Velour mini skirt? Is this heaven? (I definitely already ordered this one--it's on its way to becoming a new favorite, I can feel it).
6) nOir Rings. nOir makes the coolest rings in the world. And you never know, those spikes might come in handy.
7) Forever21 Chain Necklace. Can't beat a gold chain wrapped in mesh black fabric. It should basically be named after me.
8) Torrid Heart Fishnets. No words necessary.
9) American Apparel Mouse Nailpolish. I'm obsessed with AA's new line of polish, and this color is the perfect shade of greyish brown.


  1. I love your style. I wish I had your boldness. I'm way more classic. But that nail color and those shoes are HOT. Too bad they don't come in my size. (I've got a huge foot). But do you know if they sell the nailpolish in store? (There is an AA in the DC area near me). I also love that dress.

    The rings look dangerous. I'd be afraid of being arrested for assault with deadly weapon. WOW!

    Anyway good choices as always...
    Literal Gemini

  2. Great choices! If you don't mind, could you let me know what size you have the F21 blazer in? is the sizing weird or true to the measurements? I don't have a store near me and I'm wary of ordering online.

  3. Ooooo, I love that skirt and those tights.
    ps I love your rocker chick looks :)

  4. I want to marry those tights from Torrid!

  5. I just ordered a pair of the Jeffrey Campbell Ticks with the tack studded wedge!

    I tried the AA Mouse polish, but found I liked Sephora's Metro Chic & OPI's You Don't Know Jacques better. I did fall in love with AA's Hunter colour, though.

    If you're into some of the animal styles that nOir sells? Buy them on eBay from elerydirect & you can get them for often less than half of what you'd pay elsewhere. The shark nOir sells for $160 is $90 from elery, the nOir porcupine is $115, elery is $70. Save yourself some ducats & still get big style!

    I rock both the white & the black octupus rings, the porcupine, a black two headed dog, the Loch Ness Monster, a black sea turtle, etc & constantly have people giving my compliments on them.


    I want it, but in silver.

  7. Okay I'm about to cop that black velour skirt asap, and that first jacket is so cute, but I don't think it will flatter my bust area much.

    I also feel what you're saying about dressing in all black, but girl I feel so sexy and chic in all black, and it so much easier to accessorize, but I know I am over doing it now, but I can't stop =/.

  8. The noir ring is on sale at 19.99 plus shipping. I order one all ready super cute.

  9. Thanks for the list. Looking at those rings & heart tights, right now.

  10. Black will never go out of style.
    I'm so all about it right now as well.

  11. I love this style as well. Especially the casual dresses, I am so much a dress girl, can't get enough of them.

  12. I have the plain 99 wedges. I love them. they do hurt after awhile, but the wedge makes them so easy to walk in.

  13. about 95% of this is going on my list. immediately.

    i bought a few of the AA nail polishes this weekend and found the quality to be pretty awesome for the price (3 for $15). i didn't get the mouse grey, but i got the factory grey and it's perfect! i'm kind of obsessed with grey nail polish recently... ( as always, awesome.


  14. my grandmother recently started rocking Rihanna's style... I kid. I know what you mean about the style being overplayed but there is comfort in nicely fitted blazers and black skinnies...

  15. First I want to say that I just absolutely and utterly adore this blog! Your texts, pics and thoughts are so full of life and fabulous attitude!

    And secondly, lovelovelove the black outfits of yours! I too have a thing for black and as the spring's getting closer day by day (it's coming alright! :D) I definitely feel the pressure of wearing something other than black...

    Hi5 from Finland! :)

  16. Must have those platform wedges.. please?


  17. The tube dress is delicious. It'll definetly give a smooth silhouette. I love it. It has that pencil skirt effect.

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