Sunday, February 21, 2010

Guest Post: Amelia Pontes

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've gotten some amazing pieces recently and I can't wait to show you guys! I'm in Chicago at the moment, but when I get a second to breathe I promise to take pictures.

One of my favorite bloggers (and people) in the world is Amelia Pontes, creator of the blog Sound Bites. In this guest post, she discusses her relationship with fashion, and why everyone needs to get over their obsession with wearing "flattering" clothing.

In the sixth grade, in my first radical attempt to be fashionable, I picked up a men’s size XXXL neon yellow FUBU t-shirt from Foot Locker and began my path into the world of a cool teenager. It was loud. It was obnoxious. Heck, I am even sure it was downright distracting to my classmates, but it was me.

I was in strict opposition to the camouflaging flower patterns found in the plus size section of department stores which transformed me into mobile wallpaper. I was no wallflower. My new radioactive t-shirt had me beaming out of fat girl invisibility. And the most surprising thing about it was that not one person ever dared make fun of me. Perhaps I was lucky, but I’d like to think that once I stopped trying to hide in the fat girl closet, everyone sort of got over making my weight a punch line.

Eve’s fig leaf continues to haunt fat women. Somehow, thin women have earned the right to disrobe themselves, the fear of exposing anything more than a collarbone from a big woman still lingers in the form of arm shrugs. I refuse to feel ashamed for wearing clothes that make others take a second glance. You will look. You will get over it. Then magically, you will fall in love with my confidence and my audacity to wear something that was not, well, “flattering.”

They try to make us invisible when they stick our clothing in the back corner of the department store, or when we are delegated to one-stop shopping in a storm of bedazzled house coats (not that I mind a little sequins).

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased an oversized white satin bow headband, that flopped down over my short black hair like a hound dog’s ears. Again, it was obnoxious. It was outrageous. And it was loud. But it’s me. When I finally wore it out in public, I got the stares and I got the looks, but mostly I got compliments from people who said, “I could never wear that! But you can!”

They’re right. I can wear it better than them. I have what it takes to back it up. I refuse to be a little hound dog crying over what I don’t have and what I cannot be.

If there is anything we can all learn from fatshion blogs and of major fashion designers and magazines taking note of the “plus size trend,” it is that we don’t have to hide anymore. The small closet they tried to fit us in has finally busted at its hinges. And if we so choose to wear bedazzled jeweled housecoats, it will be of our own choosing, not because we didn't have any options.


  1. i agree - why wear drab colors or certain styles just because they make you look slimmer - wear what you love and your confidence will help it look great

  2. I love Ameila! Very well spoken and thoughtful. Exactly we
    all have our fashion trends and when I want to wear an oversized bedazzeled shirt I will. I love that we each have our own fashion trends and fat blogs can show that we each have something to show.

  3. I always wore black baggy clothes until i realised, my personality didnt match the clothes. i am bright and bubbly and wanted my clothes to reflect that. i mean i still feel im overweight cos i am lol but i am a lil bit more confident. ps i have that skirt, isn't it fab :D

  4. I love this, well written and so true.
    I got the stares and I got the looks, but mostly I got compliments from people - reminds me of when I wore a giant bow headband to the Magic Kingdom, most adults gave me weird looks whilst cooing over my little sister dressed as Tinkerbell, but little girls kept stopping and saying how I looked like Minnie Mouse/a princess and how amazing my bow was! So cute.

  5. Loved this post. Its so true!!!

    Have a great time in Chicago! Its a fun fun city :)

  6. Super great post Melinda! Love it! I will definitely have to share this one.

    Gabi, have fun in the Windy City my luv! :) If I wasn't poor, I'd invite you out!

  7. "They try to make us invisible when they stick our clothing in the back corner of the department store, or when we are delegated to one-stop shopping in a storm of bedazzled house coats (not that I mind a little sequins)."

    I love it. It's the absolute truth.

  8. Thanks Gabi for letting me guest post. I can't believe I am able to have a post on my favorite blog. You are amazing.


    This just picked up a very horrible mood. Thank you for that. Love, love, love this post.

  10. I positivley loved this. So awesome and inspirational. This makes me want to not hide anymore and be myself despite what everyone else says

  11. " The small closet they tried to fit us in has finally busted at its hinges."

    this is the definition of a well written piece of writing worthy of any well known publication.


  12. This was a great post! :) Very well said! Rock on sista!

  13. A better photo example would have been nice because she says she likes bold clothing, but in the pic she's wearing beige and black.

  14. I love this, she is absolutely correct and this goes for everyone. No one needs to conform, no matter the size. I love how she used a head bow as an example, what may look awesome on me, may look horrific on the next girl :)

  15. Wonderfully spoken.

    I have just about decided I'll have to sew for myself so that I can have some livelier outfits. Most of mine are so "office" boring.

    Now I'm inspired to try something a little truer to myself. Thanks!

  16. Excellent piece! I love this:
    "They try to make us invisible when they stick our clothing in the back corner of the department store, or when we are delegated to one-stop shopping in a storm of bedazzled house coats (not that I mind a little sequins)."

    The best thing about having always been bigger than "misses" is that it has developed my creativity and style. I like to think that I have some extra pizazz that the average miss doesn't have!

  17. I love this guest post. Amelia is right. We should stop being scared and just wear what we think is great to us. I love that Amelia is fearless. We all should be fearless.

  18. WOW this is an amazing post. I think you (Amelia) are right, to be scared of getting the looks is one thing we really should stop. I love how you make your point of view clear and kind of elated me with what you said!!

  19. i absolutely love everything she has to say.

  20. This is fucking fabulous! Amelia, you're fabulous. Gabi, you're fabulous. You girls are so inspirational.

  21. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions -you're awesome! :)

  22. I refuse to be a little hound dog crying over what I don’t have and what I cannot be.

    think this made me tear up a bit, im just comming into my own at 23! better late than never.

    thank you, this is exactly what i needed.
    copy pasted and printed.
    this is my mantra!

    peace and love.from london

  23. You are beautiful.
    I discovered your blog on Vogue Curvy
    and it seems that big girls are finally taken seriously, that's awesome! :)

    Sorry for my awful english
    Bye bye.

  24. Here's the way I look at it: there's two kinds of "flattering".

    Flattering as in it-makes-me-look-thin and flattering as in damn-it-makes-me-look-good! Two very different, very distinct things.

  25. Awesome post girlie. Big up's to FUBU (sooo 90's and i love it). The first time i tried my own casual street style (because i was always dolled up by my mother)was in the 8th grade; with the platform tenni-shoes (remember the spice girls) and the extra tight pants. I can still wear those pants (i stopped growing in 6th grade). It was crazzy being a size 24 at 12yrs old and up- but now i've got an extended wardrobe and a lot of swag baby :-D. Holla

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