Saturday, September 29, 2012

An American Girl in Paris

Cliché as it may be, Carrie Bradshaw has always been one of my biggest fashion inspirations. I couldn't leave Paris without having a Carrie fashion moment, and when I spotted a fabulous tutu in London, I knew it'd be perfect. I wore it with an embellished grey top from ASOS Curve and my new favorite Dorothy Perkins jacket (can't get enough of the leather sleeve trend--bought this one too). What better place to shoot photos in Paris than in front of the Louvre? Unfortunately we arrived only to realize my camera was dead, but luckily these days iPhones make pretty good replacements.
Photobucket gabifresh_tutu Photobucket IMG_3385 Photobucket gabifresh_tutu2
Jacket-Dorothy Perkins (here)/Top-ASOS (here) /Tutu-Dorothy Perkins/Heels-Primark
Jewelry-Borrowed from Sakina/Bag-Forever21
This post is dedicated the queen of the fat girl tutu: Jay Miranda, who just welcomed her beautiful baby Julia to the world! Congrats, Jay! 


  1. Lovely post!

  2. That skirt is stunning I would never think of buying something like I desperately want one!

  3. You look absolutely stunning! amazing xx

  4. every single piece of this outfit is perfect. wow. this is truly a great outfit.

    (and i always think about carrie bradshaw when i dress. #puertoricancarrie)


  5. You are wonderful!!!!!!! We love all of this look!!!!!!!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! I'm so jealous of you right now. I just love Paris!


  7. You look amazing!
    Fantastic skirt!:)

  8. You look so beautiful!!! <3

  9. I've been thinking about buying that top for weeks! You've made my mind up, it's in the bag! That jacket is pretty awesome too

  10. you simply look gorgeous x

  11. You look great, congrats on evrything.

  12. You look amazing, such a pretty skirt xx

  13. I love everything about this ouftit!, that skirt is just classic, just perfect!

  14. This outfit totally made me think of Jay Miranda! Your dress looks so great though, and you look great in it!


  15. Gorgeous as always, Gabi! Love the edgy jacket with the tutu skirt.

  16. This just may be my favorite post. Fabulous!

  17. dying over here! you are such a beauty gabi.

  18. Stunning! Oh how I need a tutu...

  19. I have been in Paris four days ago. I have a lot of photos in the Louvre Museum, it's a perfect and beautiful place!

  20. Pret-tay outfit. The jacket is insane.


  22. I saw your post on instagram, and just couldn't wait to see it on your blog. it is a perfect mix of feminine/girly and rebel bad ass. the bun and the shoes are a perfect touch!

    love this


  23. you look precious..i love skirt..and ohhh!

  24. Love this recreated look!!!!! And that tutu is hott!!!!!

  25. Oh my goodness- that outfit is perfect! I love everything about it. I have to say this was one of my favourite Carrie outfits, and all her Parisian outfits were so chic.

  26. You are rocking this outfit way better than Carrie!

  27. Such a great outfit! I took outfit pictures there, too, just like 2 weeks before you :D but this makes mine look pretty boring ;)

  28. You look amazing! I now want a tutu more than ever.

  29. It' not fair! You're just perfect *_* you're better than Carrie ;)
    I love the skirt, the jacket, the shoes... I love every single piece you wear!
    I hope I'll find the skirt when I'll go to London!!!

  30. I can't resist a tutu myself:=)

  31. Gorgeous outfit! you look amazing! Love that tutu!
    I also love the scene you posted from SITC!

  32. I love the tutu! I totally want one for myself but can't find it on the website :(

  33. You look fabulous! I absolutely love the outfit. Glad you had a great trip!

  34. you look AMAZING!!!! I'm dying for that skirt!!! I can't find it on her website.... going to keep hunting! GREAT post and great photos!!!

  35. You look great!! Love the outfit!

  36. Love the look! Now I have got to search for a TUTU.

  37. simply gorgeous!! looks like you had an amazingly beautiful time abroad


  38. When you said tutu I was thinking something way different until I strolled down and saw the beautiful pictures! You are stunning! The entire look is magnificent Gabi!

  39. Perfection! Love everything about this outfit and your hair looks fabulous!

    PS..Dorothy Perkins is everything! I remember when I traveled to England the 2 times I went, her store was the be all and end all for my trip! Gosh I need my fix of Europe.

  40. Hey gabi what size r u wearing in the jacket? It's gorgeous on you!

  41. Finally after 2 days, I found the PERFECT dupes for those Primark pointed toe ankle strap high heels! I think I should be a professional Google user!

  42. I'm a long time reader, but I've never commented. I looooooooooooooove this tutu. It's sooooo classy!!!!!!!!!!! & just style perfection :-D. Made my day.

  43. beautifully gorgeous! Love it! I'm a fan of Carrie B.'s style too! Samantha was always on point too! Lord, how I miss SITC!!!

    Pretty Girl Rock Blog

  44. Dang girl! You're giving SJP a run for her money

  45. When I grow up I wanna be just like Gabbi Fresh <3

  46. STUNNING! Love this outfit and the inspiration :) Oh paris, how I miss thee!

  47. love, love, love everything about this ensemble, gabi. you look gorgeous and dreamy!

    hope to see you and the man again soon!

    leaner by the lake

  48. That whole outfit is so gorgeous!

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