Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Seven eBay Faves!

Since this is a personal style blog, I'm totally aware that I tend to mention the same brands over and over--we all know the ones I'm talking about. It's true that I have a love affair with three or four places, and that's where I buy the majority of my wardrobe. But in addition to those, whenever people ask me where to shop as a plus size woman, I always include an additional two: thrift stores and eBay. Yes, eBay.

Once upon a time, eBay was a place known for scoring collectibles and the occasional hard-to-find band t-shirt, but the truth is its fashion offerings are pretty stellar. Years ago, Christina of Musings of a Fatshionista introduced me to the wonders of eBay fashion, and I haven't looked back since. From amazing new lingerie to vintage dresses to discounted well-known brands, I go to eBay whenever there's a specific piece I need to have and haven't found in any mainstream stores. One of my favorite outfits that Jay Miranda has ever worn includes the amazing Ralph Lauren silk pants she found on eBay.
I've put together a few great plus size options that are available right now, simply by searching for plus size [insert anything here]. Sometimes I'll include a fabric or style in my search, like "plus size leather" or "plus size sheer." It's super easy, it's just a matter of digging a little.  Do you have any eBay searching secrets? Let me know in the comments!
Photobucket 1) ASOS Curve Knit Swing Dress
7) Necessary Objects Sleeveless Casual Dress
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  1. great jacket!


  2. Love the jacket... would you be willing to let us know where we could find it :) thanks in advance beautiful

  3. I always remind people who are using eBay to snipe! More info here: http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2008/04/snipe-dammit/

  4. love your pants. :) great color! :)

  5. OBSESSING over those pants!!! amazing color!
    plus a little leopard never hurt an outfit :)

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  6. I've been an ebay addict forever- all kinds of things on there I adore. Vintage coats are a fave. I like to save the search and get alerts when new items matching my search terms are listed.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous holiday giveaway right here.

  7. Girl I have a love affair with ebay and purchase something at min once per week off of there! lol Great post! Kiah

  8. I really like your blog, thanks for the information on the website,!

  9. I love eBay! I do most of my shopping on eBay because I just can't find anything here

  10. Love your site!


  11. I have been shopping for clothing on ebay for about a year and I love it btw that faux leather skirt is EVERYTHING I love that


  12. I think we have ESPN or something! (Mean Girls reference nvm).

    I enjoy finding great deals on ebay. It can be overwhelming sometimes - so I usually type in the names of my favorite designers and browse through the options available in my size. I just posted some designer items on ebay for the first time, so we'll see how it goes in the 'selling' side.

  13. Hello Gabi and other bloggers. Please contact me at boutique115@gmail.com. I have a promo deal for you.

  14. Gabi, great advice. I love shopping on ebay and find tons of great things on there. I have recently lost some weight and have posted some clothes (some brand new) and shoes on ebay. A mix of non-plus and plus size clothing from Forever 21 plus, Zara, JCREW and Anthro. One of my listings: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Forever-21-Plus-Navy-and-Taupe-Printed-Dress-Brand-New-/300824656225?pt=US_CSA_WC_Dresses&hash=item460a8bf961
    Check me out: my seller name is pitchwave

  15. You can find alot of great deals on vintage pieces on Ebay. Even from regular places like Lane Bryant and Avenue.


  16. This is great info. Never thought of using ebay to shop for clothes. Thanks for sharing!


  17. I swear by Linda's Stuff on eBay. Amazing deals, and they take returns, which is absolutely key when you don't have a model figure.

  18. People of all shapes and sizes can find great deals on clothing. You can frequently find even brand new clothing items for half off or less. If you've never done it, you should really check it out. And I've found most sellers to be friendly and accommodating if I need them to take a measurement like an inseam or shirt length, etc. Especially when I shop from smaller venues, like individual sellers (who are frequently SAHMs). I currently have a few high end, plus sized items for sale on Ebay if you want to take a look.


  19. Just discovered your blog and think u have amazing style, putting them skinny girls to shame. Curves are the in thing and girl u dress them weeeeeeellll. Keep up the good work gorgeous.
    P.s follow me if you like, just followed u!

  20. Beautiful !