Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It's absolutely FREEZING in Chicago and I had no business wearing the below outfit to dinner (even with the winter coat I had to wear over this). My boyfriend snapped one photo before we were dying and had to run to the car. Photobucket
Leather Jacket-ASOS (here)/Tee-Forever21/Skirt-c/o Lane Bryant (here)/Jewelry-c/o Gorjana Griffin (necklace here, earrings here) /Shoes-Louboutin

Between the Chicago weather and being busy decorating my new apartment, I really haven't been going out much, which explains my lack of recent outfit posts. Usually I'm inside cuddled under the covers in my PJs... I don't know, I've always felt weird about bloggers who get dressed for the sole purpose of taking outfit pictures. Though I'm guilty of having done it a few times, I don't want to make it a regular thing...but then my blog doesn't get updated for awhile. I don't think you guys want to see me in sweat pants in a messy house, you know?

I'm wearing 'Flamenco' lipstick from Radiant Cosmetics, a company dedicated to raising awareness about Human Trafficking. They donate 20% of each sale to anti-trafficking organizations. Read more at their site.


  1. Louboutin love! You look hott xx

  2. I know how you feel! Its freezing here in Germany, snow everywhere! Really hard to dress up nicely and warm at the same time!

  3. OMG!!!!!! Those shoes are amazing!!!!

  4. gorgeous! i feel like everyone would love to see how you decorate your apartment/translate your style to your space.

  5. I love the shoes! You lok amazing!


  6. Your skirt is gorgeous! It's freezing where I am too (windy with ice on the ground) so I can sympathize - but I'm glad you got that photo so we could see your outfit! I love Lane Bryant. Your hair looks lovely. I like the earrings and necklace in the other photo. Sweat pants aren't that bad of a look. I'm wearing some now in my messy house in front of a heater :)

  7. It's cold over here in the N-Y-C too. I'm with you on the dressing just to pose for pics. I love that your pics are of what you actually wear out (gives credence to the outfit...i.e. "she is Michael Jackson BAD, rocking those shoes ALL day and still looking hot)! :)



  8. haha, the first words of the post made me wait for a bit different outfit... :D Greetings from Finland, -25 celsius degrees! :P

  9. I'm getting cold just looking at you here. Still, I promise you it's colder where I am, otherwise I can promise you that outfit wouldn't have made it out the door.

  10. Love those heels!! I'd love to see pics of how your apt decorating is coming along! :)


  11. I love love love those earrings + I'll have to check out radiant cosmetics--what a great(and much needed) cause!


  12. Love the Louboutins and the earrings!


  13. I live in Chicago as well and I just shivered looking at this knowing exactly what you are feeling. I have to dress up for work everyday, (sales associate at Nordstrom) and tights aren't getting the job so I know your bare legs are DYING. Adorable outfit though.

  14. You wont believe it, but i just found out your blog written in a brazilian fashion magazine, where you wore that stripped bikinis. And I thought to myself "Man, this girl's got the style!".
    Just stopping by to say I loved your blog and your outfits!
    Be glad, you've just got an international fan, lol.

  15. You are CRAZY! I don't know how anyone could have enough guts to wear a skirt this week in Chicago! My fingers have been getting tingly just walking the two blocks home from the train and I have been wearing jeans, leggings under my jeans, a tank top, sweatshirt, hoodie, gloves, hat, and my hood up on my coat AND hoodie (for those counting, that is two layers on my legs, three layers on my head, and four layers on my torso).

    On a completely unrelated note, have you ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse? There are three in Chicago. It is a yummy, fun experience.

  16. I love those tiny yet so cute jewelleries!
    I do not know how you managed to wear a skirt with no tights in such temperatures :-)))

    you look very beautiful and happy

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  17. Hey Gabi, completely understand the lack of posts but in the meantime can you post what you think the upcoming trends will be or continue to be?


  18. I know Chicago is much colder than D.C. and i'm suffering here so I can only IMAGINE the cold your were feeling. Hope it wasn't windy too! cold or not!!! you pulled it off! you look so pretty and classy! Love the SHOOOOES!


    Pretty Girl Rock Blog

  19. Love the look - especially the skirt and the shoes!! I'm a blogger who DOES get dressed for the sole purpose of taking blog photos. My reasoning for this being that I work full-time during the day and by the time I'm done work, its already dark outside. So essentially, the weekends are my only chance (when its not pouring rain) to take advantage of the day light needed to take outfit shots. I also find that with my line of work, the outfits I care to share on my blog are not ones permitted for me to wear to work.

    You helped inspire me to start posting outfit posts of myself on my blog. Prior to that, I was sharing images of things that I liked, but avoided sharing images of myself like the plague! Thank you for helping to give me that confidence that I needed.


    Take care,

  20. Going through a similar "drought" right now. Although my blog traffic or follower count doesn't nearly match yours' magnitude, the cold had absolutely stifled most of my outfit post.

    Stay Warm Gabi

    Love Scrapbook

  21. You look gorgeous, love the jacket!



  22. Gabi,

    What do you think of that ASOS leather jacket? I thought the leather was incredibly cheap, though I loved the cut/fit.

    I too give a side-eye to the dressing up just for blog photos, but life gets chaotic at times...

  23. I love the whole look Gabi, amazing :)


  24. Loving the outfit, and hun I totally understand :)


  25. Gabi, Gabi, I love you Gabi :D

  26. Beauty was pain this night but you look so beautiful! Loving the sparkle, the shoes and the hair.

    Miss Daja

  27. I recently discovered your page and fell in love. I've been reading through your past posts and found this one with the perfect leather jacket. I was so excited to see the link for below and immediately went to the Asos website. I was even more delighted to see the jacket was 50% off! I ordered it right away. 40 minutes later Asos cancelled my order and proceeded yo ask me for a copy of my passport / drivers license, a copy of my credit card / bank statement, and an explanation of where I lived and who all lives with me. I was dumbfounded that is supposedly up and up company would be phishing for such personal information. They already had my name, address, and credit card...more than enough to confirm my identity and process my order. They also have no phone # to call, don't respond to my emails, or comments on their FB page. Have you experienced anything like this with them? I am appalled and disheartened.