Thursday, February 28, 2013

roll out

Last weekend, I went to brunch with one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Meagan from Latter Style. We had such a great time, and she introduced me to a few stores in Bucktown before snapping these outfit pics.  I overslept that morning, and literally couldn't even find my brush (hence my hair below). I ended up throwing my Prabal Gurung for Target sweater (which is more like a long sleeved shirt--it's super thin) over a Forever21 Chambray button down. I wanted to go for a more sporty look, so I paired them with a body con skirt and my Marc sneaker wedges.
 photo edited2_zps6672f9b5.jpg  photo mirror_zps71a4a109.jpg  photo 752316ca-5ace-40a2-90b6-25dc06879247_zps30ef921c.jpg Sweater-Prabal Gurung for Target/Chambray Shirt-Forever21/Skirt-La Mafe/Necklace-c/o Bauble Bar/Clutch-H&M
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hips & Curves V-Day Photo Shoot

When Hips & Curves approached me to collaborate on a blog post, I was immediately excited--they make some of the most gorgeous lingerie for plus size women…then I remembered that would mean I'd be half naked on the internet, something I've always felt a bit weird about. It seems that whenever I'm not completely covered up, some people take that as an open invitation to comment on my body, when in reality it's a personal statement about self love & empowerment (see: fatkini craziness of last summer). I realize this is the world we live in now--where the bodies of celebrities, bloggers, and even complete strangers are seen as public property. Celebrity culture has trickled down into our day to day lives, and policing others' looks has become normalized. It's something I actively try to avoid doing, but I know better than to think it won't happen to me. Nevertheless, I knew Valentine's Day was fast approaching, and thought this could be a great opportunity to play dress up, have some fun, and hopefully inspire people in the process.

I knew I'd have to shoot with a great photographer and someone I'd feel comfortable with, which is why I chose the super talented Nikki Gomez, an amazing woman with the most positive spirit. She and makeup artist Michela Wariebi made a great team, and we had an absolute blast shooting in New York's Grand Hyatt Hotel.

I cannot do sexy. I can feel sexy, but I've always been more of the girl-next-door smiley type. Any time I try to "look sexy" with my eyes or whatever, it comes off in photos as super forced and uncomfortable, so I purposely wanted to make this fun and be myself. So many lingerie shoots are seen through the male gaze; I wanted to switch things up by celebrating femininity and sexuality even when we're alone. Thigh high stockings, lacey bras, and strappy chemises are absolutely fabulous when you're in a relationship, but they can be equally fun when you're single. Every woman I know has danced around the house in her undies, singing in the mirror and admiring her body, and I think these casual, low-pressure moments can also be when we feel our best. That's what I wanted this shoot to embody.
 photo photoedit1_zpsf669818a.jpg  photo final-1_zpsc6ba8518.jpg
Above: Cropped Ribbed Tank, Strappy Stretch Lace Bra*, High Waisted Panty, Backseam Stockings  photo photo3-1_zps9c09d637.jpg
Above: Shaper Skirt  photo photo4_zps68ccfba1.jpg
Above: Powermesh Chemise*, Contrast Stockings, (Snakeskin Kimono is from SimplyBe)
This post was sponsored by Hips and Curves. All opinions are my own.
*As a 38H, the strappy bra & bra portion of the chemise were too small, but I was able to wear them for the shoot. I would say they'd fit up to DD comfortably. I totally love both pieces, but wanted to let my fellow DDD+ girls know.

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine's Day!

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

winter break

I've been in New York the past few days--partly for Fashion Week, but mostly because I had an important meeting (I'm so excited to share a huge announcement with you guys soon). Hopefully I'll make it to at least a few shows this week, I have some rad outfits planned. In the mean time, I thought it'd be a good time for an instagram recap!

Taken right before going on MTV's "Ten on Top" Fashion Special

Summer Outfit, top & skirt from H&M//What I wore for my HuffPo feature, top & jacket from F21, leggings custom by Wendi Caires

Spent Christmas in Miami!//Played non-stop with my sister's new kitten
The most delicious duck leg and waffles (and drinks!) at Sugar Cane
My sister and adorable new nephew!//Old photos of my gorgeous mother

Best blogger brunch in Chicago with yummy egg-topped pizza

Boyfriend and I at his most recent event//Sneak peek from a fun shoot yesterday! Will be posted here this week.