Photobucket I started GabiFresh (originally named Young, Fat and Fabulous) in September 2008 after graduating college with an interest in fashion journalism. Since I didn’t have experience and couldn’t land an entry level job or internship, I decided blogging would be a great platform to show my writing skills and love for fashion. I knew first-hand the lack of resources for younger, trendier women sizes 14 and up, so I decided to fill the void. Over time, it has transformed into a personal style blog, where I share my fashion advice (which mostly consists of “ignore fashion rules!!!”) and outfits that I hope inspire others to take risks and have fun with clothing regardless of their size. I pretty much disagree with most mainstream fashion ideas and reject the notion of "dressing for your body type."

I have been featured in Glamour, Teen Vogue, InStyle, The New York Times, Seventeen, Time Out New York and Cosmopolitan. I have contributed to Vogue.it, Refinery29, xoJane, Glamour.com and Essence.com.

Blog Disclosure:
This little old blog that started as a hobby has since become my full time job. That means I'm lucky enough to make money from doing what I love!
-I partner with brands that I like, and am paid to collaborate with them on projects which I blog about here. These can be short term (eg 1-2 posts), long term (eg 6 months) or anything in between. I always announce in a blog post when I will be partnering with a brand.
-I receive gifted products from time to time that I wear/feature here. I keep my integrity by only posting things I truly like (I turn down the majority of opportunities/items offered because they aren't in line with my blog or personal style). I always note in a post if something was received courtesy of a brand.
-I use affiliate links for products I love, which means I make a small percentage of a linked product if you choose to purchase it (not all links are affiliate links).
-All opinions on this blog are my own. Although I work with brands, I never allow them any control over the written content of posts.
-I am managed/represented by Digital Brand Architects